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thegreymatter creatives developed educational apps specifically for Arts & Literatures students. Click the app logos below to download.

The Litera Go – Our latest Litera app designed specifically for the second semester Comparative Literature.



For IOS users, kindly bookmark this site and ADD TO HOMESCREEN.


Share some love with the developers by visiting the site entitled The Ugly Writers by clicking the image below.


If you will notice some similarities is that because TUW was made from the success of Litera.




Activities from the previous semester:

Greek Mythology Facebook Timeline


On Comparative Literature class:

Studying Literature at this age has never been too convenient.

Reading literature should be as easy as picking up a new DVD to watch. Studying literature need not be difficult. It need not be scary. It most certainly needs not be boring.

Remember a time when you got out of the cinema and can’t stop ranting or raving about how good or bad the film was. Criticizing literature should be no different from criticizing a movie. Rant and rave all you want.

Studying the measures and differentiating renaissance with romanticism is for the pros. You are here for the ride. Enjoy it. Live it.

Preliminary on How to Study and Judge Literature here.


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